10 Seconds of

10 Seconds of

About Natalie

Natalie is a facilitator, author &  peace advocate. She participates in several associations and voluntary organisations – Emotional Well-Being Institute, International Goulding Method, Royal Children’s Hospital Auxiliary, The Melbourne Circle, Volunteer West, Australian Multicultural Community Services.

“All I know is how to help others pause and invite peace, calm and ease into the present moment – one breath at a time.” says Natalie.

She has been practising 10 Seconds of Calm for a long time, and is delighted to share it with anyone genuinely interested and curious to give it a go.

Natalie is author of 10 Seconds of Courage, Mikey’s Green Pause Button and soon to be published 10 Seconds of Calm.

Sometimes we only have 10 seconds to pause & reflect

Sometimes 10 seconds is enough to make a change

10 Seconds of: Empowering you toward well-being, one breath at a time

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