Emma Costin – EQ Leaders

Emma Costin - EQ Leaders

EQ Leaders is an innovative leader in industry-leading programs for leadership and team development, leveraging the power of nature. Our expertise in organisational learning and development extends to our unique team members- who happen to be horses. We’re passionate about supporting leaders at all levels to navigate change and uncertainty with confidence. Our EQ EMPOWER leadership programs focus on building connected leaders and high-performing teams in an innovative and disarming way. What sets us apart is our approach to learning, where participants engage in activities with horses that mirror workplace challenges. This creates a safe space for experiential learning and allows participants to practice leading in a different way. The horses’ ability to reflect human behaviour enables participants to build trust, strengthen relationships, enhance teamwork, and better understand behavioural and communication styles. Our programs also promote inclusivity, creative problem-solving, and self-reflection on leadership approaches. More than just your average day of training, our programs truly transform teams and leaders. Our commitment to promoting business sustainability and positive impact drives our development programs. Each session is completely customised to address our clients’ individual team dynamics or barriers, supported by tested learning theory methods and models. As a for-profit social enterprise, we contribute to the local economy by supporting Wyndham-based businesses. We are dedicated to empowering non-profit organisations and social enterprises through our Pro Bono and NFP and Social Enterprise Rate programs. By allocating 50% of our profits to leaders within these sectors, we aim to enhance collaborative leadership and enable greater social impact.   EQ Leaders goes beyond traditional death-by-PowerPoint leadership development; we aim to create a movement that fosters a connection with nature and empowers leaders to drive positive change in their communities. Our partnerships with non-profit organisations drive environmental preservation and fundraising efforts for social good. We believe in shaping a better future where leadership is a force for good and sustainability is at the heart of every decision.

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