Mutuashi Dance

Mutuashi Dance

Mutuashi dance offers a wonderful glimpse into the Congolese traditions and culture through music, dancing, poems and fashion.  

Florence’s performances light up any space with bright fabrics, upbeat music and traditional dancing. 

The energy fills the room and she will also encourage the audience to get up and try some dancing with her.


Mutuashi, a Tshiluba word for a traditional dance of the Luba people in the Kasai region of Congo, can be translated as shake your hips. This dance form is characterised by its undulating and smooth figure-eight hip movements. It has moved out of traditional settings, where it is commonly performed at celebrations, particularly at the birth of a child, to become part of the repertoire of many female dancers, who have transposed it to the entertainment space. Mutuashi is sometimes also performed in churches.

The dance usually starts by calling people to attention. This is done by holding a hand over the mouth, whilst shouting. This is an expression of happiness and represents an invitation for others to share in the happiness. Mutuashi is usually performed with a piece of cloth wrapped around the hips. Sometimes the hands of the dancer are placed on their heads, as a sign of freedom – freedom from problems. While dancing, the problems are transferred from the head to the ground, liberalising the dancer from them.

Although there are specific occasions for performing Mutuashi in public, such as when someone has given birth, particularly to twins, anyone can dance anytime, for example, when sitting, cooking and mopping the floor.

Dancing is an integral part of the Luba people – it is their culture. When someone organises a party, people bring handmade instruments and everyone participates in the dance, bringing a happy mood to the party.

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