National Ageing Research Institute

National Ageing Research Institute

The National Ageing Research Institute (NARI) makes a measurable difference to the lives of older people and those who care for them by improving their quality of life and health.

Established in 1976, we are a national, independent medical research institute, which is highly respected across the aged care industry and research sector nationally and internationally. NARI brings together industry leaders, innovators, academic experts, and world-class educators who combine their expertise to influence and shape the agenda in ageing research and aged care. 
With a strong focus on translational research, we have made significant improvements to the lives of older Australians through our research in seven key areas:

  • Falls and balance
  • Pain
  • Dementia
  • Physical activity
  • Healthy ageing
  • Psychosocial and mental health
  • Health systems evaluation.

We are the first academic centre in Australia focused on research and ageing in Australia as well as an independent non- profit medical research institute and company limited by guarantee – unique in the Australian ageing research sector.

Organisation's name: National Ageing Research Institute
Organisation's phone number: 03 9969 6500
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