Shudha Narayan

Shudha Narayan

The MWV (previously known as VIRWC) is an inclusive grass roots multicultural women’s organisation representing the interests and concerns of migrant and refugee women, regardless of their visa status or date of arrival. MWV is run by professional multicultural Women volunteers. We provide services and support to all multicultural women in need including asylum seekers, and temporary residents. MWV is by women and utilises predominantly multicultural female staff to manage the office and run/deliver our projects. The MWV represents the views and issues faced by our members and multicultural women to government, the media, public/private bodies, and decision makers through: Ø  Policy development/submissions Ø  Advocacy Ø  Capacity Building training Ø  Education and training Ø  Leadership and Advocacy Ø  Wellbeing activities (Women Circles, Global Kitchen programs) Ø  The MWV builds the capacity of multicultural women to operate effectively and Ø  independently through: Ø  Sharing our advice and expertise Ø  Building the leadership skills of members Ø  Linking our multicultural women to resources and assisting them to navigate the Australian service sector Ø  Improving the capacity of women to advocate and speak on their own behalf within the Australian community

Organisation's name: Multicultural Women Victoria

EOI's for event holders closing soon

Expressions of Interest to be an event holder in the 2024 WLF close on Sunday, June 16. 

Successful applicants will be contacted in the following week. 

There will be a second info session for event holders coming up soon. Details to be confirmed. 

Please contact us if you need extra time to submit your event.