Yoga Meditation and Healing365

Yoga Meditation and Healing365

YMH365 is a budding women led small sized organisation.

The aim of the organisation is to teach children, young adults ands adults a holistic approach to life long learning and exploring body, mind and soul.

The goal is to teach students from a young age simple yogic tools to strike the chord in the age of Artificial Intelligence  – “2B HUMAN”

Weekly classes for children aged 6yrs- 12yrs 

Teens class and Adults class at Manor Lakes Community Centre  

Children learn basics of yoga in a fun and immersive manner. They register their learnings in books through writing, drawing and craft work. Children enjoy the yoga game at the end of each class. 

Teens expand on the basics further to alignment of postures, learn to hold and reflect of the yoga postures, expand and learn the impact of  breathing and deep meditation. 

Adults enjoy the class at their own level of learning. Each pose is broken down into simple steps. Students get to choose and perform being in sink  with their body and mind on the day of the class. 

All the students RELAX to the vibrations of the ancient Indian Mantra Chanting combined with the Singing Bowl sound vibrations.

HEAL the seen and the unseen wounds of everyday life!

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EOI's for event holders closing soon

Expressions of Interest to be an event holder in the 2024 WLF close on Sunday, June 16. 

Successful applicants will be contacted in the following week. 

There will be a second info session for event holders coming up soon. Details to be confirmed. 

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