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Planning Your Event

Whether your event is live or virtual, a successful event takes careful planning and delivery, below are some things to consider.

The Wyndham Learning Festival will run from 1-7 September 2023, and will be offering 55 fully curated learning events.

The theme for 2023 is Our Thriving, Creative Community.

Learning activities can be as formal or informal and as big or small as you want them to be. The learning activity could be something that you are already doing and the festival provides a vehicle to showcase this work.


Inclusivity, diversity and safety are key to community engagement and the festivals objective. The curated Learning Festival aims to have an array of activities that attract audiences from all life stages from early years to seniors. Some events may focus on one target group while others may cross age groups or be open to everyone. This information will be required on the Expression of Interest form.

Life stages for this event are: Early Years, School Years, Young Adults, Adults & Seniors and Learning for All.

Please consider accessibility for people with a disability. For wheelchair access the entry should be 1.2m wide or more, and there should not be steps. Auslan interpretation is for members of the deaf community who use Australian Sign Language as their primary or preferred language of communication. If you would like to learn more about Auslan check out Auslan Signbank

*Please note that a current Working With Children’s check is required if your event involves children.

Define Your Objective

The festival offers you an opportunity to highlight learning opportunities presented by individuals, organisations or community groups to meet a positive outcome and objective. Defining your objective and outcomes will help to create a clear message, to communicate the event and find your ideal participants. Learning activities can be on a range of topics of interest, remember to align your objective within any of the following categories:

The Arts
Sports & Recreation
The World of Work & Tech.
Wellbeing & Self-Care
History, Culture & Diversity
Food & Cooking
Families & Children

Event Format

Learning events can be Live/In-person or Virtual/Online formal or informal. They can be open to the public or private invitation-only events. Events can be created specifically for the WLF or something you are already doing and can be as big or small as you like (subject to government restrictions, please be sure to reflect the relevant COVID-safe guidelines.)

Your event can be live or pre-recorded and shown by itself, or you can do a “live” introduction, show your pre-recording, then do a Q and A – the possibilities are endless. Learning events are offered to the community for free.


There is no allocated funding provided for event holders for the Wyndham Learning Festival. Each organisation is encouraged to run an event that suits their organisation, capacity, and budget.

If appropriate to your event, your budget should consider:

• Equipment, room hire, staffing and resources required
• Booking guest speakers/presenters/trainers
• Marketing and promotion

Wyndham City Council do have small grants for community organisations open throughout the year. Please view here if suitable grants are available and apply in a timely manner. Local community hubs are a low/no cost option for room hire.


Consider your marketing and promotional activities early to ensure you attract positive attention and participants to your event. Who are the people you think would like to come to your event and how will you tell them about it? Social media is one of the best platforms for raising awareness of your events, post some images, tell a story, share some examples, and set up an event where people can register. Remember to ask friends and those in you network to Like, Share and comment on your social media posts.

WLF has a Facebook Page where you can share your event and news. Remember to use the hashtag #wyndhamlearning and #wyndhamlearningfestival in your social media posts.

WLF Facebook Page

There will be a range of WLF marketing images that you can use. The Festival organisers will be promoting the Festival events in a range of ways.

Feel free to download these images to use for your promotional activities. A3 posters are also available and will be distributed to all the community centres and libraries.

If you would like printed posters to display in your office, shop or venue please get in touch via email.

Download Marketing Images


Here’s some answers to common questions.

Why run an event?

Running a learning event in the Wyndham Learning Festival can provide many opportunities to both the event holder and the participants. It can provide a platform for a community group to speak from, offer broader exposure of your organisation to different sections of the community and support raising awareness about your services. Coordinating and running a learning event can develop skills in leadership, networking, public speaking, event planning and management.

Are there some suggestions for venues to hold my event?

Yes there are many suitable venues in the Wyndham area. Plan your venue early considering the needs and logistics. Book a space of suitable size to accommodate the number of participants, seating, and accessibility for your participants.

The Wyndham City Council has a range of local community centres for venue hire. Please contact the specific venue for enquires. Don’t forget to let them know your event is part of the Wyndham Learning Festival, as fees have been waived in some of the Neighbourhood Hubs and Wyndham City Council managed community centres for WLF event holders during 1-5 Sept 2021.

Wyndham Council Venues

You can also enquire at Business Addicts Coworking in Hoppers Crossing, who have suitable training rooms.

Business Addicts

Victoria University Polytechnic is a supporter of the festival and may also have venue space available during the week days depending on their class schedules.

V.U. Polytechnic

Westend Photography in Werribee may also have space available.

Westend Photography

Do I need Public Liability Insurance to run an event in person or online?

Yes. You will need to have Public Liability Insurance cover to run an ïn person” public event refer to the venues requirements. If your organisation runs public events it is likely they will already have PLI. If you book a Council facility then you can purchase a council PLI at a cost of approximatly $30 for 3 days, this is only valid at a Council facility.

Do I need to have a valid Working With Children’s Check?

You will need a WWCC If your event is targeted to young children or is likely to have children attend. You will be required to submit this in your event application.

Do I need a COVID-Safe Plan?

The safety of the public, volunteers and staff involved in any event is of the highest priority and must be considered in all aspects of event planning. It is extremely important to work with your venue to ensure you are following all the necessary COVID safety requirements. You will be required to create a COVID Safe Plan for your event in collaboration with your venue. Have a look at The Victorian Governments COVID Safe Plan resources and start preparing now.

COVID-Safe Plan

Are there guidelines for marketing my event?

Consider your marketing and promotional activities early to ensure you attract positive attention and participants to your event. Social media is one of the best platforms for raising awareness of your events, post some images, tell a story, share some examples, and set up an event on Eventbrite where people can register. Remember to ask friends and those in you network to Like, Share and comment on your social media posts.

WLF has a Facebook Page. Share your news here and remember to use the hash tag #wyndhamlearning and @wynlearnfestival in your posts.

Eventbrite Guidelines WLF Facebook Page

The Wyndham Learning Festival will help promote the learning events through a range of avenues including:

• PDF Program guide
• Posters and Flyers
• Community Newsletters
• Media releases
• Various community events and forums
• Newspaper advertising and stories
• Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, etc.
• Website events calendar
• E-mail networks
• Wyndham libraries & community centres

More Info - Planning Your Event

Can I use WLF logos for online and printed materials?

Yes. Logos are available for your marketing materials via the button below. Once there, scroll to the bottom of the page and download your preferred material.

See Marketing Material

How do I collect registrations for my event?

A one stop registration capability has been built on this website. We encourage you to Register an Event. You will be able to enter a full description of the event, start and finish times and the format and venue all from the registration form. You will need to upload an image that will be used on your event page. Please insure it is appropriate to your event and that its the correct size to display correctly 198 px 1080px. You can create this for Free in Canva.

Please check for any spelling errors before submitting your event registration. You will be able to go back and update image or discription prior to the event.

If can also create a free event listing on Eventbrite and an event on your Facebook Page to advertise your event and capture registrations. Honestly, it’s really easy, just follow their instructions. Eventbrite send reminders to your registered participants and collect data for future marketing too, so it’s a great tool.

Eventbrite Guide

Should I seek participant feedback after the event?

Yes. Evaluation is an important part of running any event. When the event is done and it’s a WRAP we want to hear your good news stories! Celebrate by sharing on social media channels your photos, comments and stories. This is a fabulous way to share with those who were not able to make the event and also to promote your success.

We have created two online survey forms. One to be sent to the particpants after the event, and one for the event holder to complete. We will email them to you.

Please refer to the WLF Toolkit for further details on organising your event.

How can our organisation sponsor the Wyndham Learning Festival?

The WLF is very grateful to our sponsorship partners who help to bring this important event to the community each year. It is a great way to show your support for lifelong learning. Please refer to the Sponsorship page for further information.

Become a Sponsor

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