Wyndham Learning Festival

What is the Wyndham Learning Festival?

The Wyndham Learning Festival is an annual series of events, brought to you by the community for the community. It provides opportunities for FREE learning activities across the City of Wyndham. The Festival has activities for all ages and interests, promoting lifelong learning for all and welcoming new events, sponsors and participants to reflect this diverse and dynamic community.

The Wyndham Learning Festival will take place 1-7 September 2023 in various locations around Wyndham.

The theme for 2023 is:  Our Thriving, Creative Community.

A connected and inclusive community is more resilient to whatever comes its way, we are stronger together. Read more about Wyndham’s Strategy:

Resilient Wyndham 2021-2025 Strategy

As we continue to adapt to local and global challenges, we will plan the Wyndham Learning Festival to offer a range of opportunities that meet the needs, interests and aspirations of the diverse community of Wyndham.

This Festival is led by Wyndham Community & Education Centre and supported by Wyndham City Council.

Lifelong Learning

The aim of the Festival is to bring people together through learning, motivate the community to try something new and to promote lifelong learning for all age groups: Early Years, School Years, Young Adults, Adults & Seniors, Learning for all.

Lifelong learning includes formal and informal learning for people of all ages. In the past it was thought learning only happened at school when we were young but now there is a recognition that we are all learners and that we learn in different ways, times and spaces.

In order to build a ‘learning community’, a culture that values, celebrates, supports and encourages learning throughout life needs to be fostered and facilitated. Every person, at every stage of their life should have lifelong learning opportunities to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to fulfill their aspirations and contribute to their societies.’ UNESCO Education Strategy 2014-2021.

This year’s Festival will build on community support to make it even better, bringing in new events, sponsors and participants to reflect this diverse and dynamic learning community.

WLF Bags Feature Photo 2023 – Images & Photographer Bio

Ashlee Brown

 The River

Ashlee Brown Werribee River photo

Ashlee Brown

Ashlee, a 26-year-old resident of Werribee and a mother of three young children, has a deep connection with the Werribee River.

Growing up around the river, Ashlee spent her childhood and youth enjoying the peace and beauty of the area. She wanted to share this love of nature with her children and took them on an adventure along the riverbank, capturing the moment on her iPhone camera.

The Werribee River is a source of comfort and inspiration for Ashlee, who has a passion for photography, which she enjoys alongside her roles as a hands-on mother and model.

Her dedication to her community was recognized when she won the One Wyndham Young Person of the Month award, and at the annual Awards event, she learned about the range of events and programs offered by Wyndham City, which inspired her to enter the Way out West Photographic competition.

Ashlee’s story is a testament to the power of nature and the importance of pursuing one’s passions.

Thavishi Bandara Athauda

One small step for man, one giant leap for mother nature

Thavishi Bandara - Boots

Thavishi’s image of ‘One small step for man. One giant leap for mother nature’ was one of
two selected for the 2023 Wyndham Learning Festival bags.
Meet Thavishi, a 15-year-old creative enthusiast from the local area who has always been
fascinated by various forms of art.

Her love for photography was ignited in grade 5 when her
teacher, who also happened to be a photographer, organized a class photography
competition, which Thavishi won. She was rewarded with a small camera, which she still
treasures to this day.
Thavishi has participated in various local creative competitions, including one where she
used flowers on her hands to create a beautiful image and another where she used digital
artwork, winning first prize. This win boosted her confidence and motivated her to continue
her creative journey.
In 2022, Thavishi came across the Wyndham Way-out-West Youth Photography Competition
in her school newsletter. Drawing inspiration from her earlier floral hands photo, she
decided to incorporate her own boots, threaded with purple lace, and adorned with flowers
from her garden. To enhance the visual impact, she splashed water around the scene,
ultimately capturing a stunning image on her father’s iPhone.
Currently a year 10 student at Werribee Secondary College, Thavishi is an accomplished
pianist who enjoys playing jazz. Additionally, she takes part in traditional cultural dance
classes, showcasing her creativity through various forms of art.
Thavishi’s journey exemplifies the power of perseverance and passion. Her journey is a reminder that anything is possible when we follow our passion.