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Wyndham Learning Festival

What is the Wyndham Learning Festival?

The Wyndham Learning Festival is an annual series of events, brought to you by the community for the community. It provides opportunities for FREE learning activities across the City of Wyndham. The Festival has activities for all ages and interests, promoting lifelong learning for all and welcoming new events, sponsors and participants to reflect this diverse and dynamic community.

The Wyndham Learning Festival will take place 1-7 September 2023 in various locations around Wyndham.

The theme for 2023 is: Our Thriving Creative Community.

A connected and inclusive community is more resilient to whatever comes its way, we are stronger together. Read more about Wyndham’s Strategy:

Resilient Wyndham 2021-2025 Strategy


As we continue to adapt to local and global challenges, we will plan the Wyndham Learning Festival to offer a range of opportunities that meet the needs, interests and aspirations of the diverse community of Wyndham.

This Festival is led by Wyndham Community & Education Centre and supported by Wyndham City Council.

Lifelong Learning

The aim of the Festival is to bring people together through learning, motivate the community to try something new and to promote lifelong learning for all age groups: Early Years, School Years, Young Adults, Adults & Seniors, Learning for all.

Lifelong learning includes formal and informal learning for people of all ages. In the past it was thought learning only happened at school when we were young but now there is a recognition that we are all learners and that we learn in different ways, times and spaces.

In order to build a ‘learning community’, a culture that values, celebrates, supports and encourages learning throughout life needs to be fostered and facilitated. Every person, at every stage of their life should have lifelong learning opportunities to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to fulfill their aspirations and contribute to their societies.’ UNESCO Education Strategy 2014-2021.

This year’s Festival will build on community support to make it even better, bringing in new events, sponsors and participants to reflect this diverse and dynamic learning community.

WLF Bags Photographer Interviews


Tarnia’s image of the striking Werribee River K Road cliffs was one of two selected for the 2022 Wyndham Learning Festival bags.

Tarnia is a local 24 year old resident who is very creative, enjoying drawing and painting, both digital and traditional forms, baking and taking photos of family and friends, pet photography and wildlife (bird photography is her favourite) and connecting with nature, particularly during the periods of lockdown.

Tarnia entered the Way out West Photography Competition in 2020 and 2021 after a Year 12 teacher at Wyndham Community and Education Centre sent her a link to the competition and encouraged her to enter.

Tarnia enjoys entering competitions and was a lucky winner of a click frenzy competition winning $1000, with which she bought a Cannon 3000 D with zoom lens. Since winning a camera, she became obsessed with photography and used this camera to take this photo.

Tarnia went with a good friend to visit the cliffs overlooking the Werribee River. The view inspired her to take the photo and entered the competition as she particularly loved this photo, and so do we!

Well done Tarnia.


Jamison’s image of the rippling lake and swans at Cherry Lake reserve was one of two selected for the Wyndham Learning Festival bags.

Jamison is a 13 year old local resident who participated in a photography workshop at Point Cook Library and was inspired to enter the Way out West Photography competition.

Jamison is artistic and enjoys drawing, he is sporty, relishing the adrenalin of dirt bike riding, outside adventures and playing basketball.

Jamison likes taking photos of old buildings, street art and derelict buildings, exploring areas with his friends and scouting for photogenic places. This image was taken at Cherry Lake reserve with friends skimming rocks through the water to achieve the ripple effect taken on his mobile device! He now uses a Nikon camera to take his photos.

You can see more of Jamison’s photography on his Instagram account:

Jamison is a busy young person going places! Congratulations.