Ana Clarke – AC SmartData

Ana Clarke - AC SmartData

AC SmartData is an experienced Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Research consultancy headquartered in Melbourne.

Our mission is to empower both profit and non-profit organizations by implementing data analytics and AI solutions across various sectors. These solutions are designed to enhance processes, boost productivity, and significantly improve strategic and operational decision-making capabilities.

Dr Ana Clarke is an accomplished data science and AI executive, entrepreneur, and proud mum. She brings 25 years of expertise in driving organizational transformation through data-centric strategies and advanced technology. Dr Clarke possesses a unique blend of industry and academic expertise, developed across several countries. Her years of business acumen, from owning and managing her own business from the ground up, combined with a solid foundation in STEM, set her apart in the field and enable her to navigate complex challenges effectively.

As the CEO of AC SmartData, Dr Clarke is at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge analytics and AI solutions. She is also committed to community development and actively engages in a variety of community activities. Dr Clarke is also an advocate for fostering meaningful alliances with minority groups and First Nations communities.

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