About Power2choose

Power2choose is dedicated to helping overwhelmed business professionals transform their stress into serenity and success, enabling them to achieve a balanced and fulfilling life. Founded by Kerry Castree, who personally experienced the relentless pressures of managing a high-stakes financial role, Power2choose leverages her journey from stress to success to empower others.

Our core mission is to support business owners and employees in mastering stress and achieving mental clarity. We employ a unique approach that combines strategic relaxation techniques with effective business management strategies. This dual focus not only helps in managing operational demands but also fosters an environment where creativity and productivity can thrive.

Power2choose offers a range of services designed to provide immediate stress relief, develop actionable plans for ongoing wellness, and ensure continuous excellence through long-term support. Our offerings include online and in-person sessions, workshops, and personalised education, all tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

At Power2choose, we believe that a successful business should not come at the expense of personal well-being. Our programs aim to create sustainable wellness, enabling clients to enjoy both professional success and a satisfying personal life. Join us to transform your stress into serenity, success and unlock the full potential of your business and life.

Organisation's phone number: 0431 534 759
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