Empowering Communities through Lifelong Learning

The Wyndham Learning Festival is an inclusive community event held annually in the City of Wyndham. It offers a wide array of cost-free learning activities for everyone in the community to participate in and enjoy.


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Hosting a learning event during the Wyndham Learning Festival presents a multitude of opportunities for both event organisers and participants. It serves as a valuable platform for community groups to share their expertise, offering heightened exposure for organisations across diverse segments of the community. Moreover, it plays a pivotal role in bolstering awareness of the services provided.

The coordination and execution of such an event also foster the development of various skills, including leadership, networking, public speaking, as well as event planning and management…. basically, it’s a fun way to increase skills, meet new people, and expand your network!

For comprehensive guidance on organising your event, please refer to the WLF Toolkit for detailed instructions and information.

Yes there are many suitable venues in the Wyndham area.

Selecting an ideal venue is crucial, so plan ahead, considering your specific needs and logistical requirements. Ensure the space is adequate in size to comfortably accommodate your anticipated number of participants, providing suitable seating and easy accessibility.

Venues through Wyndham City Council offer a variety of options for hire, ranging from local community centres to Neighbourhood Hubs. When contacting these venues, mention your association with the Wyndham Learning Festival, as some venues may waive fees for event holders during the festival dates (1st to 7th September 2024).

For additional venue options, Business Addicts Coworking in Hoppers Crossing offers suitable training rooms. Victoria University Melbourne, a supporter of the festival, may also have available space on weekdays, subject to their class schedules. Furthermore, Westend Photography in Werribee might have space options worth exploring.

To host a public event, it’s essential to have Public Liability Insurance (PLI) coverage, as per the venue’s requirements. If your organisation frequently conducts public events, it’s probable that you already possess PLI. For events booked at a Council facility, you can obtain Council PLI for $26, valid for 3 days, specifically for that Council venue.

You will need a valid WWCC If your event is targeted to young children or is likely to have children attend. You will be required to submit this in your event application.

Ensuring the safety of everyone involved in an event is paramount and should be a top consideration throughout the planning process. Collaborating closely with your venue is crucial to ensure compliance with all essential COVID safety protocols. A key requirement is the development of a comprehensive COVID Safe Plan tailored to your event in conjunction with your venue.

It is recommended that you explore the resources provided by the Victorian Government for COVID Safe Plans. Starting the preparation process early is essential to address these safety measures effectively.

Consider your marketing and promotional activities early to ensure you attract positive attention and participants to your event. Social media is one of the best platforms for raising awareness of your events by posting images, telling stories, and sharing examples. Remember to ask friends, family members, neighbours, and those in you networks to like, share and comment on your social media posts.

WLF has a Facebook page and Instagram account where you can also share your news. Remember to use the hash tag #wyndhamlearning in your posts. Event holders are reminded that whilst the WLF will assist you in promoting your event through our social media channels and website, the ultimate responsibility for marketing and attracting participants lies with the event holder.

This year we are also offering a Facebook group as a means of support and fostering relationships amongst event holders. We hope to create a community where we can share promotional ideas, tips for attracting participants and running sustainable events, and a general networking platform. You will receive an invitation to join the group once your event has been successfully registered.

The Wyndham Learning Festival will help promote the learning events through a range of avenues including:
• Posters and flyers
• Community newsletters
• Media releases
• Various community events and forums
• Newspaper advertising and stories
• Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, etc.
• Website events calendar
• E-mail networks
• Wyndham libraries & community centres

Yes. You will be provided with logos and marketing images after your event registration has been confirmed.  

All your registrations will be collected through the website. You will receive an email notification when a new participant registers for your event. You can check the registrations anytime by accessing the event holder dashboard on the MANAGE page. For more information about registering your event, see the PLAN and REGISTER pages.

Yes please! Post-event evaluation holds significant importance in the success of any event. Once the curtains close on your event, we’d love to hear your success stories! Take the opportunity to celebrate by sharing your event’s highlights, including photos, comments, and stories on your social media channels. This not only allows those who couldn’t attend to partake in the experience but also serves as a promotional tool showcasing your achievement.

We’ve prepared two online survey forms: one for participants and one for event organisers. These surveys will be emailed to you shortly after the event.

The Wyndham Learning Festival extends heartfelt gratitude to our valued sponsorship partners whose support plays a pivotal role in bringing this significant event to the community annually. Your sponsorship serves as a testament to your commitment to lifelong learning and contributes immensely to the success of this initiative.

For further details regarding sponsorship opportunities, please visit the SPONSOR page.  

Questions lingering? No worries! Simply fill out our contact form (link in footer) with your query, and one of our team will get back to you.

EOI's for event holders closing soon

Expressions of Interest to be an event holder in the 2024 WLF close on Sunday, June 16. 

Successful applicants will be contacted in the following week. 

There will be a second info session for event holders coming up soon. Details to be confirmed. 

Please contact us if you need extra time to submit your event. contact@wynlearnfestival.org.au