Welcome to your personalised event registration and management page. This will be your go to place for everything event related. The page provides all the information, links, and forms you will need to manage your event and your participants.

You will find detailed videos and text guide in the Event Holders’ Toolkit and via the links below.

Explore the details provided in the pages below, peruse the FAQs page, and familiarise yourself with the Event Holders’ Toolkit. For further inquiries, feel free to contact us via email at contact@wynlearnfestival.org.au.

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Privacy statement

Your personal information is being collected jointly by Wyndham City Council (WCC) and Wyndham Community and Education Centre (Wyndham CEC) for submitting your Expression of Interest in the Wyndham Learning Festival.

The information will be used in administrating your interest for hosting an event, event approval, and online publication of the Wyndham Learning Festival Program Guide.

WCC do not control Wyndham CEC’s use of your information and therefore cannot be held responsible for the handling of your information by Wyndham CEC. For any queries, please contact Wyndham CEC directly.
Your personal information will be used and stored by Wyndham City Council in accordance with its Privacy Policy and used and stored by Wyndham CEC in accordance with its Privacy Policy.


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This is where you can register your event from May 2024. 


Once you have registered your event, you can manage the details and participants here.