The Wyndham Learning Festival, taking place from 1-7 September 2023, will feature a variety of carefully curated learning events. The theme for 2024 is ‘Empowering Communities through Lifelong Learning.’

The first step for any potential event holder is the planning stage. The success of the event, whether live or virtual, lies in careful planning and well considered execution.

Use the Event Holder Toolkit and the information below to assist you in the planning stage.

There is no one size fits all approach here, learning activities can range from formal workshops to informal discussions, including varied sizes and formats. Whether it’s showcasing existing initiatives or introducing new learning experiences, the festival provides a great platform for all.

Below are the 2024 event categories, along with some key considerations when planning your event.

2024 Event categories


Inclusivity, diversity, and safety are key to community engagement and the Wyndham Learning Festival’s objective. The Learning Festival aims to have a collection of activities that attract audiences from all life stages from early years to seniors. Some events may focus on one target group while others may cross age groups or be open to everyone.  You will be asked to select your target audience on the registration form.  

Life stages have been grouped in the following categories: early years, school years, young adults, adults & seniors, and learning for all ages.

As an event holder, finding your audience is primarily your responsibility. Wyndham Learning Festival organisers will provide support by promoting events on our website and social media, however, attracting participants ultimately falls on the event holder. Successful applicants will receive an invitation to an information session helping with ideas for marketing and planning strategies.

Please consider accessibility for all participants including people with disability or additional needs. For wheelchair access, the entry should be 1.2m wide or more, and steps should be avoided to allow for easy access.

Auslan interpretation is for members of the deaf community who use Australian Sign Language as their primary or preferred language of communication. If you would like to learn more about Auslan check out Auslan Signbank Signbank (

Participants who are visually impaired may require additional assistance or adjustment of any print / visual information shared. The following sites have some great information for you to consider when planning your event.  Hosting accessible and inclusive in-person meetings and events | IncludeAbility and ADCET – Australian Disability Clearinghouse on Education and Training

Please note that a current Working with Children’s check is required for all presenters if your event involves children or it is likely that children will attend.

Define your objective

The Wyndham Learning Festival is a platform for showcasing learning opportunities that aim for positive outcomes, whether from individuals, organisations, or community groups.

To communicate effectively and attract the right participants, clearly define your objectives and outcomes. Align your goals with one of the eight learning categories for a focused and impactful message.

  • The Arts
  • Sports & Recreation
  • The World of Work & Tech.
  • Wellbeing & Self-Care
  • History, Culture & Diversity
  • Food  & Cooking
  • Families & Children

Event format

Learning events can be live (in-person) or virtual (online) and formal or informal. They can be open to the public or private invitation-only events. Events can be created specifically for the WLF, or they can be something you are already doing. The event can be as big or small as you like.

You have the flexibility to present your event live or pre-recorded. It can be showcased independently or with a live introduction, followed by the pre-recording, and then a Q&A session– the possibilities are endless!

Please be sure to follow any relevant COVID-safe guidelines.


There is no allocated funding provided for event holders for the Wyndham Learning Festival.  Each organisation is encouraged to run an event that suits their organisation, capacity, and budget.

If appropriate to your event, your budget should consider:

  • Equipment, room hire, staffing and resources.
  • Booking guest speakers, presenters, or trainers.
  • Marketing and promotion.

The Learning Festival Working Group may be able to offer guidance on available grant options if approached with sufficient lead time.  Wyndham City Council provides small grants for community organisations making it worthwhile applying early.


Consider your marketing and promotional activities early to ensure you attract positive attention and participants to your event. Social media is one of the best platforms for raising awareness of your events by posting images, telling stories, and sharing examples. Remember to ask friends, family members, neighbours, and those in you networks to like, share and comment on your social media posts.

WLF has a Facebook page and Instagram account where you can also share your news. Remember to use the hash tag #wyndhamlearning in your posts. Event holders are reminded that whilst the WLF will assist you in promoting your event through our social media channels and website, the ultimate responsibility for marketing and attracting participants lies with the event holder.

This year we are also offering a Facebook group as a means of support and fostering relationships amongst event holders. We hope to create a community where we can share promotional ideas, tips for attracting participants and running sustainable events, and a general networking platform. You will receive an invitation to join the group once your event has been successfully registered.

The Wyndham Learning Festival will help promote the learning events through a range of avenues including:

• Posters and flyers
• Community newsletters
• Media releases
• Various community events and forums
• Newspaper advertising and stories
• Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, etc.
• Website events calendar
• E-mail networks
• Wyndham libraries & community centres

You will be provided with logos and marketing images after your event registration has been confirmed.